Garment Cleaning

See below our indicative price list for the most common garments.
If you have questions about what can be done about any particular stain or fabric, please call us, send us an email at or come see us in person at the store. We will be delighted to help and provide a detailed quote.

Shirts hanger (5+ / <5) £2.60 / £3.10 Trousers £8.20 Bedsheet (single/double) £5.10 / £5.80
Blouse hanger (5+ / <5) £3.60 / £4.10 Jacket £10.30 Duvet cover £8.00 / £9.50
Trousers (cotton, jeans) £6.90 Suit £16.50 Duvet (single/double) £19.90 / £24.50
Plain skirt / dress £7.90 / 13.90 Delicate blouse £8.30 Mattress cover £11.50 / £13.90
Laundry (Wash & Fold) £7.50 / kg Jumper / cardigan £7.90 to £10.90 Bedspread £16.90 / £21.90
    Dress £13.90 to £16.50 Pillow case £2.70
    Skirt £7.90 to £10.20 Towel (small/large) £2.90 / £4.20
    Coat, short / long £15.90 to £18.40 Table cloth £11.50
    Downfilled coat £20.90 Curtains (lined) £8.70 / sqm
    Cocktail, designer, bridal £22.90 Pillow £9.90
    Wedding Dress £75 to £300    
    Linen / delicate silk mens shirt £4.50 / £5.90    
    Cocktail or evening dress £22.90 to £37.90    
    Shawl / scarf £7.90 / £12.50    
    Silk tie £9.90    
    Silk top, shirt or blouse £8.30    



  • Standard turnaround time is 3 days (clothes available from 5pm). Note that some items (for example silk ties, curtains, leather, tailoring) take longer and a timing will be provided at drop off.
  • We also offer an express service with a 20% supplement if turnaround required in less than 48h, and +40% if turnaround <24h.
  • Press-only (also called ironing-only or steam-only) is a service available for most garments (for example dresses, suits, shirts).
  • For designer brands, we apply a supplement of 30% to the standard prices listed above (+100% for luxury labels). This is to ensure a more specific care for these very delicate items. It also provides a better cover as per our Terms & Conditions.
  • Supplements can apply if the items features specific delicate parts such as leather patches, beadings, lace, or heavy stains.
  • Wash & Fold indicates a simple laundry wash, dry and fold of items – sorting to be done by customer and we cannot take responsibility if some items in the bag were not meant to be washed or not meant to be washed together.
  • We offer a tailoring, alterations and repair service, from simple repairs to bespoke tailoring: click for here details and prices.
  • We also offer a leather & fur cleaning, shoes and handbags cleaning, repair and restoration service: click here for details and prices.
  • Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information on our services.


Loyalty schemes
We are working on several schemes to reward our loyal customers – tune in, more to come soon!