Leather & Curtains

Bags, shoes, jackets to repair or alter? curtains to clean? you’ve come to the right place.

At BLANC we offer handbags and shoes alterations and repair specialist services, leather, suede and fur cleaning services and curtain cleaning services.

Handbags & Shoes  From Leather, Suede & Fur From Curtains  From
Small handbags repairs  £45.00 Jumper with leather trims  £25.00 Standard with lining  £8.70
Heels (mans)  £18.00 Wax jacket  £50.10
Short heels (womens) £18.00 Leather or suede jacket £55.00
Long heels (womens) £23.45 Short fur coat £100.00
Half leather sole (womens) £63.00
Half leather sole (mens) £66.00

Note: all prices are indicative – please ask in store for details

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