To all Skiers (and Boarders, too!)

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We at BLANC know how hard it is to come back from a wonderful ski holiday only to face the pain of an entire suitcase of bulky items… hassle be gone! We can relieve you of ski suits and salopettes drying slowly on your radiators.

Drop it all off at your local BLANC cleaners (or have it picked up straight from your house if you are in our growing delivery area) and we’ll have it all back fresh, naturally cleaned and thoughtfully packed for you.

We clean jackets, salopettes, ski and snowboarding trousers, thermals, gloves, hats, scarves, warm woollen socks… Pretty much anything really – all with love and our usual attention to detail. We can also arrange to have items “reproofed” (made all waterproof again) if they need it – just say the word.

Want more info? drop by your local branch, call 020 8004 2630 or email us at

Prices from:

Ski suit: £23.70 Beanie: £8.90
Jacket: £15.90 Neck Warmer: £4.90
Salopettes: £18.00 Thermal long sleeve: £5.50
Trousers: £12.40 Thermal long johns: £6.50
Gloves: £8.90 Thermal T-shirt: £4.50

Standard turnaround time 5 days.